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About BeatWhale
BeatWhale is an open source video streaming project still in its early days that started with my desire to make something useful and free for everyone.

By combining music, video and a very simple to use interface, BeatWhale enhances the experience of having your video and music collections well organized and in a single place.

Made for people who love music, specially music videos.

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Do you want to be a BeatWhaler? It's easy! Just launch the application, create your account and confirm the code sent to your email. After that, just search for your favorite tracks or videos and let the fun begin!
BeatWhale uses the YouTube API to search for videos. So, everything you have on YouTube, you have on BeatWhale. Right now the results are being returned by relevance order. I need to make that an option in the future.
Click the plus button next to PLAYLISTS separator and a new playlist is created. After that, rename it and drag your videos into it.
If you have that song that has a special place in your heart, you can add it to Favorites, by clicking the heart placed over the video thumbnail.
If you are giving a party, just project BeatWhale on a wall, add to queue your favorite playlist and make it fullscreen. After that, don't forget to invite me.
The application is stable, but there are a few bugs that need fixing, features that need to be added and a lot of improvements to be done. If you have any feedback on this, I would love to know. Just email it to
Hello, I'm André :)
I live in Portugal, the country of francesinha and codfish. I have 2 dogs and a great girlfriend, that had a lot of patience throughout this whole project (got to marry her!). In my spare time I make music, do sports and drink with friends. I have a creative studio - The One Pixel - where I have a lot of fun developing awesome projects.

I love what I do and BeatWhale is a proof of that. <3
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(Version 0.9.0)